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Christians For Paganism
About Us


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A little about ourselves, our mission, and our history.

Our Mission

Rock of the World ministries is a non-for-profit organization dedicated to spreading the word of our Rock, and Saviour.*
We firmly hold to be true the words of the profits, from Abraham, till Motza'a, the last of the True Prophets, the author of the 'Brand New Testament', as it is commonly called.
The only distinguishing difference between us and mainstream Judaism and Christianity is that we are fulfilled believers because we understand that really the whole world is a physical offshoot of God, who is a Rock. And we try our best to emulate God by seeing the beauty of life in the physical world, which is God. We try to emulate God by becoming increasingly Godlike through hours of meditation on the holy brand new bible, and through eating foods which bring us closer to God, such as pebbles and dirt. We couldn't be happier and more fulfilled, and we wish to spread the Good News to all regions of the World, God.
If you are interested in donating money to help fund any of our exciting and new projects, including weekend retreats, our upcoming film "Rock of the World," or even our website, please contact us at:

Our History

The brand new bible, though written a few years after the death of Jesus, has in fact always been the proper way to understand God and the bible. It's insights predates any other book known to man. It is well known that Abraham comes from a long line of Pagans; jesus' father was also known to be a carpenter - some say, who produced many grand pagan idols - and thus, the entire Jewish and Christian communites are really breakaways from this ultimate truth.
Our thousands-of-years-old understanding has been largely ignored due to censorship from the church for several hundred years and due to the large scale massacre of our followers in such well known towns as Salem Massachusetts. (As an aside, we are currently negotiating with the local government to erect a monument to commemorate the poor, innocent people who were killed by those angry mobs.)
Now, we are back and ready to spread the good news! So many people have joined us, now you can too!