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Christians For Paganism
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{This picture depicts the world's population, represented by the 6-pronged star made of wood, along with the 12 Stones of light [in biblical hebrew, the word for star is the same word for stone], with the Tree/Cross at the very center.}


Christians For Paganism!!

official web-site




Welcome, dear friend, to our humble home.

This site is for all of God's special children, the Jew and the Gentile alike!!

We are so happy and proud to be spreading God's word to the corners of the world, thanks to media like the internet and our friends, like you!

Inside this site you can be sure to find a host of interesting and invigorating articles, as well as fellow worshippers like yourself!

The site is under some minor construction, as we're hurrying to transform our ancient books into computer-friendly articles.

With the help of God we hope to soon publish the long awaited, and often ignored, overlooked books of the bible, often referred to as the 'Brand-New Testament!' - but more on that to come!

Well, have a look around, have some fun, sign our guest book. Oh, and please feel free to email me or any of our other family members for anything at all! Whether it's a place to pray on Savvath, or a festive meal for Easter, or simply to write to say 'hello!' and exchange thoughts - we're here for you!

mazel tov and shalom and peace and blessing be upon thee and may the Rock of the World protect you.



Learn about the Amazing mysteries, the Fantastic wisdom of God, as he carved out the Ten Commandments, which he Gave to Moses.
Find out how this Unbelieable discovery can change your life forever!!

{For security reasons, faces have been hidden}
Testimonials: Stories of Faith, Love, and Finding Meaning in the Rock of the World

Hear wonderful stories about people just like you
who have found happiness in the Rock of the World!
You'd be amazed at what you'll find!
So what are you waiting for? Hop on in, the water's fine!!

Get the Facts!

Learn the Fascinating Truth about the Bible's take on Paganism!
Learn the Facts! Get Informed!
Tell your Friends, and Together, You and us, We'll tell the World!


The True, deeper, meanings and secrets behind the Crusifixion of Jesus.

A perfect picture of God.


When marvelling at this Wonderful picture remember that God is a part of it! Thank him for his Beauty and Kindness. "And Let All Souls Praise God!"

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We're looking forward to hearing from you!