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Christians For Paganism
Frequently Asked Questions


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Some of the more common questions we get from those who come to us for guidance:

1Q.: Are you guys for real?
1A.: Of course! Why shouldn't we be? We're just as much a legitimate branch (no pun inteded) of christianity and judaism as any other -- in fact, we're even more legit then they are! Since they have not yet come to be fulfilled in the understanding of God's true nature.*
2Q.: So, is God a big rock or a small rock, or not really a rock, because it's just a poetic term??
2A.: Oh, no -- he truly is a rock, literally. As for his size, being God he must obviously be a never ending rock, an eternal and infinite rock.
3Q.: I don't understand that. How can that make sense?
3A.: Well friend, there are a lot of things about God that we don't understand, but that's ok, as long as you believe.
4Q.: Do you believe in Mohamad?
4A.: No. He arrived some time after the writing of the Brand New Testament and was never recognized by our leadership as a person of significance.
5Q.: Is it difficult to convert?
5A.: Not at all. We are all God's children and all made in his image, from the dust of the earth, which is He, therefore, the only requirement to convert is to beleive with all your heart that no matter what entities with metaphysical properties tell you (i.e. your parents, spouse, friends, boss,etc..) you know that God is your rock, and the rock of the world, and that we are living on his property and therefore owe him thanks and service.
May you all be blessed and find your niche in the Rock of the World!