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Anti-Missionary Study Hall

Please know that most of the links above are to Missionary Sites -- **Even Ones Which Sound Jewish** -- so, please do not be fooled into visiting one of them. {askmoses and artscroll are kosher.}

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Unfortunately there are millions of cults, crazies, and even well intentioned people who are bent on drawing Jewish people away from their heritage. In fact, $250,000,000 is spent each year to convert people (and especially Jews) to Christianity.
  This website is dedicated to help counter the often underhanded endeavors of missionaries (who themselves are often un- or misinformed) by raising awareness and by supplying the information necessary for someone to truly make an informed decision, and to have the resources available to hold strong to the Jewish tradition.

Our Mission:

Our Goal Is To Help Jews Remain Jews. We are also here to help anyone in need, all those looking for guidance, answers, strength, and truth.



To partake from a few of  Samuel Levine's words: 


    ...The last point that must be clarified before we begin is that this [site] is a response to Christian Missionaries who are trying to convert the Jews. [This site is not to quarrel] with Christian Missionaries who try to convert pagans into becoming Christians. [That may be] highly meritorious, because they are then transforming an immoral, primitive person into a more moral and spiritual one. However, that is not true when a Jew becomes a Christian. Therefore, whenever the term Christian is used, or if a Christian dogma is criticized, please remember that the real objection is to the Christianity that the Christian Missionaries are trying to convert Jews to. There is a multi-million dollar effort on the part of some Christians to convert as many Jews as possible. This [site] is a response to them, not to the other Christians.                                                


There is One; There is no Second.
Also He has not a Son or Brother....
- Ecclesiastes 4:8  *

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* - This quote is in no way meant to be used as a "proof" against the christian notion of the trinity. It is only symbolic -- though its message is very meaningful to many.