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Anti-Missionary Study Hall
Anti-Missionary Study Hall - Index of Counter-Missionary Articles

Articles for Those Who Wish To Make an Informed Choice.
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I was thoroughly impressed with the introduction to Samuel Levine's book on counter-missionary arguments. As such, I have decided to quote much of his introduction, with only a few slight changes.


Before we begin our analysis of Christianity, there are a few important points to keep in mind.

The most important lesson that you should learn from this [site] is the method of dealing with Christian "proofs". It is not necessary to memorize the refutations that will be mentioned here. Instead, learn the method. Get the feel for what is happening, and after a while, try to refute the "proof" before you read [the] refutation. This [site] is [mostly] an elaboration of a few key procedures which will enable anyone to see the inadequacy or falseness of any Christian "proof". Here are the procedures:

1) If they quote from the Old Testament, then

        a. Look at the entire context of that verse -- usually this alone should suffice.

        b. See if the verse has been mistranslated -- you should always try to look up every quote in the original Hebrew. If you do not know Hebrew, find a friend who does.

        c. See if the verse seems to be misinterpreted see if the interpretation is forced into the words artificially.

       d. See if the verse points exclusively to Jesus; see if the verse could apply to another person as well.

2) If a Christian missionary solemnly warns you that you will burn in hell forever unless you accept Jesus, or if they try any other type of psychological trick, calmly ask them for logical proof for their beliefs. Insist on intellectual reasoning.

3) When missionaries present one of their proofs, and meet a question in return, they often do not answer the question. Instead, they usually throw another verse at the person. When this occurs, calmly insist that they answer the question that was asked.

4) Try to speak as calmly as you can. Jesus freaks believe that only faith in Jesus will make a person calm, and so your getting excited will only reinforce them.

5) Never be on the defensive. Be aware that you are most probably dealing with brainwashed people, and not rational theologians. There is therefore no reason to feel defensive or uncomfortable if you disagree with them. If they interrupt the discussion and ask you if it would be all right for them to immediately pray for your soul, do not let it faze you. That is a psychological trick that they use, and you might want to respond to it by singing a song or praying for their soul in return.

...It is also very important to remember that thirty invalid proofs do not prove anything at all. After reading this [site], you may feel that even though each "proof" of [the Missionaries] is not a proof, still, perhaps there is some truth to it. So remember, thirty or forty inadequate proofs do not equal even one proof; 40 x 0 = 0.

...Furthermore, I would like to apologize for my use of the term, "Old Testament." I am convinced that there is only one authentic "testament" from G-d, and that is the text known as the Torah. It happens to be the same thing as that which is called the "Old Testament," but the word "old" is used to connote that which is replaceable, or that which was replaced. That is what the Christians mean when they say "the Old Testament," and that is why Jews resent that term. However, for the purpose of effective communication, it unfortunately must be used. Thus, you will find the word "Torah" used often, and other times, "Old Testament"; they mean the same thing.

...As we all know, any change in a status quo needs to be justified. If everyone is marching in a single file, and one person decides to step out of line, one normally asks that person to explain his change of the status quo. We do not ask those in the line why they were in the line (if there is a fairly obvious reason for a line). As you know, the Jews were in Israel for around 1000 years before Jesus appeared. They had a definite concept of what the Messiah would be like -- there was a status quo regarding what the nature of the Messiah is. The Christians appeared and introduced an entirely different picture of what the Messiah would be like (son of God, God incarnate, born of virgin, two comings, etc..) Thus, the Christians changed the status quo concept of the Messiah, and so the full burden of proof rests upon them. If they cannot prove their case thoroughly and conclusively, then their thesis must be thrown out. Keep this in mind...

...The last point that must be clarified before we begin is that this [site] is a response to Christian Missionaries who are trying to convert the Jews. [This site is not to quarrel] with Christian Missionaries who try to convert pagans into becoming Christians. [That may be] highly meritorious, because they are then transforming an immoral, primitive person into a more moral and spiritual one. However, that is not true when a Jew becomes a Christian. Therefore, whenever the term Christian is used, or if a Christian dogma is criticized, please remember that the real objection is to the Christianity that the Christian Missionaries are trying to convert Jews to. There is a multi-million dollar effort on the part of some Christians to convert as many Jews as possible. This [site] is a response to them, not to the other Christians.


****The Majority of these links lead to other pages. So, if you wish to return here, be sure to hit the "back" key in your browser.****

***Also, I do not necessarily agree with everything said on every link. I have posted links to pages which i have found to be over-all very good, but i do not hold myself to everything that they all say.***


Clear and Concise Answers:

Rules of Engagement

(Tactics Missionaries Use And What Rules Must Be Established To Have A Logical Conversation.)

If you have not read the opening paragraphs that begin this page, it's a good place to start.

Some Mistakes Missionaries Make  - Bendad (C.M.R.)

Tanach ("Old Testament")

(Torah Quotes are Taken from www.Mechon-Mamre.Org. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. Please feel free to point out any gross misquotes, or mistranslations.)

AMSH - Genesis 1:26

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AMSH - Hosea 11:1

AMSH - Micah 5:1

AMSH - Zechariah 6

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AMSH - Psalms 2:12

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AMSH - Psalm 110

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AMSH - Proverbs 30:4



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