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Anti-Missionary Study Hall
Anti-Missionary Study Hall - Anti-Missionary Links

Here is a listing of Anti-Missionary Sites.
(Much of what you read here was gleaned from their pages.) 

OutReach Judaism

This is the organization of the world renowned speaker, Rabbi Tovia Singer. While the site does not detail his lectures, it does contain many good articles and has a link for those interested in purchasing some tapes.


Jews For Judaism       

One of the classic Anti-Missionary and Anti-cult organizations. They Have offices across the globe and offer seminars. A very thorough site. A little difficult to navigate at first, but very much worth reading.


Messiah Truth a Jewish response to Missionary Groups

A classic counter-missionary website. Offers many great articles for in depth, mediocre, and even beginners study. A must read!


The Christianity Revealed Site

This site uses, what I call, a-good-offense-is-a-good-defense tactic. Be prepared for some startling articles!


Their Hollow Inheritance

            An entire book counter-missionary-ism for Free on the Web!


We are NOT Going to Burn in HELL!

A thorough counter-missionary book available online for ordering. (While youre there, be sure to see the Christian billboard about non-Christians burning in hell.)


Being's Anti-Missionary Page

A page with a few articles of good content. Readers may be interested in viewing their entire site.


The Anti-Missionary Group

This site is an online discussion forum which has many, many articles. It is a bit confusing to go through systematically. But for those interested in learning more about Anti-Missionary, it may interest them to join the group.



Torah Life and Living the emergency room for Jewish souls.

A site offering help for those who find themselves in the grips on missionaries and cults.



Other Sites of Interest:

A great site for learning about Judaism and Jewish topics.

Another great site for learning about Judaism and Jewish topics.



Ex-Jews For Jesus

Former members of Jews For Jesus speak about their experiences -- the good and the Bad!


Torah Nation


           An up and coming site dealing with Jewish Pride and Heritage. Will have articles about jewish issues. Stay tuned!






Missionaries are constantly looking for gimmicks and ways to trick you into joining their ranks.

One of their many ploys are Jewish Websites which are anything but jewish.

Here are a few examples. . Hey, sounds friendly and Jewish enough! Think again!  Wow, theyre even speaking Hebrew. HaDavar = the Word. What they dont tell you is that they are refering to Jesus as the word. - "Jews for Cheezus!" (sorry, copyright scare.) a slogan like that would have made no sense and been laughed at 30 years ago. Its on par with "Vegetarians for Meat" and "Christians for Paganism."


***A rule of thumb Whenever you see the word Yeshua / Yshua ( = Jesus) or Messianic ( = we believe that Jesus is the Messiah) --  It is a Missionary site.


(It seems that Muslims have begun to learn from Christians, thus we can also find sites like  - OY VEY! What a bunch of Meshugenas!)


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