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Answering Questioning Questions

    As crazy as it may sound, many people apparently do not understand the necessity for vetting in the Jewish chat rooms. Many people have called the practice stupid, racist, evil, hateful, and many other such compliments. They sometimes ask, "what difference does it make if a person in the room is a regular Xian or a Messianic Xian, and not a follower of Judaism of Noahidism?" Or, "well, why can't they just stay and learn?" And even, "who are you to decide who stays in the room?!"

    Now, I know that many Jews and Gentiles readily understand the necessity for the vet process and upon hearing such ridiculous complaints and arguments they shake their head in disbelief: "Is this person serious?! Are they actually that short-sighted?!" But, as sad as it is, people do yell and shout these absurdities and I think that at least some of them would actually be willing to hear the answer.

    However, before I begin, I wish to make the following disclaimer: I understand that people do not like being vetted. I honestly do. I understand that when a person is asked to leave, the resulting feeling is not a good one. I understand that. I appreciate how a kosher Jew would feel offended when asked if he believes in the Nazarian. All of this is obvious. However, as much as I emotionally understand and appreciate the complaints, the reality is that vetting is the entirely sensible thing to do. And, when faced with a choice between following one's emotions and following logic, one follows logic.

    With that said, the reason for the vet process is to ascertain a person's religious beliefs. If one is found to be a non-Jew or non-noahide, the person is usually asked to promptly leave, and, if the person declines to leave of his own accord, he is shown the door.

    The reason why non-Jews and non-noahides are requested to leave is for three main reasons:

1) We do not want people being missionized. This includes in the room itself, as well as in PM (Private Message) -- which is often how missionaries will gain contact with people.

2) Jews are not allowed to teach many parts of Torah to Non-Jews and especially to non-noahide Jews. Being that it is a Jewish room, we wish to be able to speak freely amongst ourselves, not needing to worry about what we are allowed to say.

3) The recent invention of certain Xian groups that manipulate Jewish symbols to deceive people into joining their churches has created a necessity for Jews to become wary of what Jewish-isms they use, lest they teach these fraudulent Xians how to better present themselves and their movement as being Jewish, resulting in the loss of Jewish souls.

    As much as one can empathize with people that do not wish to be missionized, one can empathize with their request that non-Jews and non-noahides leave. As much as one can respect the Jewish people, their religion, and their laws, one can respect their requesting non-Jews to leave. As much as one can appreciate the depth of tragedy in the loss of even a single Jewish soul -- or even the tremendous loss that it is to Jews -- one can appreciate the absolute necessity to ensure that it does not happen.

    Any non-Jew or non-Noahide that truly wishes to learn about Judaism, and feels he was unduly asked to leave, may wish to visit such sites as and to learn more.