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Christians For Paganism
More True, deeper, secret understandings of Jesus' crusifiction


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We all know that Jesus' Crusifiction was a profound and deeply meaningful religious experience -- but so few people really know why! Join us, dear friend, as we explore the deep, pagan, secrets of the blessed act.

What many don't realize is that Jesus was himself a devoted pagan. By understanding this, one begins their spiritual journey back to Jesus, in a way never before imagined!
You see, God is the ulitmate reality, he is the Rock which is the World and all its host. He is the ultimate everything, including physicality.
To ignore the physical aspects of the world is to ignore one's own arm!
We must learn to embrace the physical universe and all its host in order to truly connect with the divine and become a vessel of blessed.
When a person sins they are in essence creating a gap between themselves and God. The only way to mend this rift is through acts that bring us closer to Jesus. Jesus knew this too.
Now, dear friend, let us investigate even further!
You see, there are many different levels of Godliness. The highest level is the ultimate level, that is, the level of God himself, who is a Rock, but unlike any other rock we can imaginel.
The next level, the second one, is every other rock - silent, content, happy and devoted to its maker.
The third level is dirt - it is dead and ugly, but has potential for life - thus making it a little further down on the scale. This dirt represents us and our connection with God. Since we were formed from dirt (Gen. 3:17) and that was in God's image (Gen 1:26).
The fourth level is wood. It grows, and lives, yet cannot feel, cannot sin, it only does good all its life. It is majestic and beautiful and indeed a high level to strive for.
The fifth level is comprised of the animal kingdom. It is broken up into various sets, the highest being low forms of life - like ants, spiders - and slowly builds up till large animals like kangaroos, and lions.
The sixth level is man, corresponding with the day he was created. It is the last physical thing created, and as such, is the lowest on the physical chain. Our only consolation is knowing that we can rise higher if we pray to God for help, meditate, and use our life toward this goal. 
However, there is one lower level, that is the metaphysical, like fire, love, and wind. These are the absolute lowest levels.

With this, we can now move even further!
Jesus' birth was through the Holy Ghost, a servent of God the Rock, it is one of the lowest levels of existence, being that it has no physicality.
It was this agent that was hired to inseminate Mary, without her even knowing or giving consent, with the material that was the later become Jesus.
Thus Jesus' beginings are at the metaphysical stage.
As is well known, when jesus was born he became a truly physical man - the sixth level.
When John beheld Jesus he declared, "here comes the lamb of God!" This signified Jesus' uplifting, through 25 years of hard work, to advance to the next level, that of animal.
As Jesus came closer to his known time of crusifiction he was able to rapidly ascend the many levels Godliness. Thus we find that he entered Jerusalem from 'the mount of olives' (Matt. 21:1), as well, immedietly following that verse we are told that the people threw down their palm branches in front of him (Matt. 21:8). Both of these are to symbolize Jesus' reaching the fourth level of Godliness - that of wood. (as well, we find that the bible immedietly follows with the parable of the fig-tree, which also fits in line with Jesus' new level Godliness.) This is also the reason for the Crown of Thorns. It is declaring his great sanctity that he was able to reach such a high level, though others would beat him from jealousy.
In Mark 14:22 we find that Jesus likens himself to bread. Bread, as we all know, is formed from flour - a dusty substance derived from wheat. This represents the next level that jesus acheived, that of dirt, or dust. In addition, when one is mocked, it is as if he is made into dirt. And it was right before Jesus' crusifiction that mobs joined together to deride him - but he did not care, he had acheived something great: dirt.
On the way to the cross, jesus wore his crown of thorns and carried his cross - again, symbols of wood. He was to be the passover lamb - animal. He was beaten, spat at, and cursed - dirt. There was only one level left, and Jesus was not about to give up - Rock.
When Jesus was hung up on the cross they crusified him with iron nails. That was the last stage in his tremendous process of growth. Iron is derived from rocks. As well, we are told that a soldier stabbed him with a knife, also a metal derived from rock. With this Jesus died, achieving the last level of worldy normal physicality - Rock.
However, as Jesus died he cried out to God, "why have you forsaken me?!" The reason he cried this out was because there was one more level that Jesus wished to reach, that of the Rock of the World! And as he was dieing and did not feel that he would reach that level, he was filled with anguish. With that he truly died a broken man.
They buried Jesus in a cave and when they investigated it 3 days later it was empty! Where had he gone? What they didn't understand is that Jesus, post mortem, did reach that final level. He finally became part of the ulitmate rock. As such, his figured was subsumed into the image of the very cave - as if he was camaflouged, but much more, he actually was the cave. When he realized that his disciples would not be able to discern him he morphed into the approximate shape of a man and revealed himself.
This was Jesus' 7 steps to Godliness. This is why he is so great!   
May we all be blessed and find our niche in the Rock of the World.
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