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Christians For Paganism
The Ten Commandments


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The Secrets of Mount Sinai!!

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Mount Sinai!!
The very name can send shivers down our spine and give us goosebumps on our arms!
There are so many deep secrets about Mount Sinai, yes indeed, and i'm sure your religious leaders never told about these hidden Truths.
Well, that's ok, because we won't keep the secret from you dear friend.
'Ask - for the answers - and you shall receive!'
Isn't it interesting that of all the places that God could have used to reveal his presence, he 'chose' a mountain. Why would he do that? What possible reason could there be? I'm confident that if you would ask your co-religionists that they would not have a good answer for you.
Do you want to know the real reason? Of course you do!
Well, you must understand, as I'm sure you do, that God is an infinate Rock.
What is a mountain, my good friends? What?
Is it not just a very, very large Rock?! Yes! That's exactly what it is!
When God revealed himself on Mount Sinai he was not simply revealing himself as he has to prophets other times, rather, he was revealing a very important aspect of himself, to a people on a very high spiritual level.
He was revealing his nature as a rock And THAT'S Why HE Chose A Mountain To Reveal Himself! In fact, it's only on a mountain that he'd ever feel comfortable and able to truly show himself!
What special gift did God give Moses on Mount Sinai when they first met?
He gave him a very special gift. He gave him something that would let Moses manipulate Nature itself! So, what was it? A STICK!!! A STICK!!!
Why would he use a stick? Again, because wood is much farther up on the God-scale than a person. God was teaching Moses the proper way to understand Him. Interestingly, the word for that stick in hebrew also means 'bend', perhaps to suggest that the stature of a stick has the God-like ability to 'bend' nature all host!
When the early Hebrew left Egypt they were on a very high level. They had spent so many years as slaves working in the mud that they were able to truly attain such lofty levels as 'animal', 'wood', 'dirt', and possibly even 'rock'. These are symbolized by such things as the 'paschal lamb, (they also came into Egypt as shepherds)' the straw that they gathered,' 'the mud they formed it into', and finally, 'the bricks, or stones, which they formed that into.'
These years of labor enabled them to contemplate the ultimate meaning of Life and the Ulitimate Understanding of God.
When they left Egypt they went to Mount Sinai. What did they get there? Of course, I knew you'd know. They Got the Ten Commandments. But what were the Ten Commandments written on? They were written on Stone!! STONE!
Why would God deliver the most imortant message that man-kind would ever receive on a stone? Because, my dear friends, he was teaching the world a lesson about his ultimate nature!
This was especially a lesson for the wicked people, like the Egyptians who hated God.
"The Stone that the builders hated became the foundation Stone!"
Even though God was (and is still) hated by so many people, he ulitmately prevails and will always have lasting dominion on Earth!
This is part of the Secret of the Sinai Experience.
But, my good friend, it's not too late. We too can experience this ulitmate revelation!
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We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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