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Christians For Paganism


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Disclaimer: Jews for Paganism is not a registered organization or ministry by any means.
Any said activities performed by our 'members' is merely a way to make our ideas sound more appealing. They by no means took place, nor should they be understood to have.
However, if you do want to go on a camping trip, (and maybe even meditate,) it can possibly be arranged.
The actual function of this site is to present what is understood by the author to be the unnatural affront on jewish values through such organizations as sound like, "jews for cheezus."
This site is to function as an example of how easily the Holy scriptures can be manipulated by someone, should they want to, even to the point where it is diametrically opposed to all notions known to the Hebrew Bible.
I sincerely hope that this site will serve its purpose, so that people of diverse religious beliefs can once again speak to eachother as friends, understanding who we, ourselves,  and eachother are.

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