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Anti-Missionary Study Hall
AMSH - Orthodox Messianic Jews!

Many Orthodox Jews Openly Declare Their Faith As Messianic Jews!!!

        I'm sure many people will be shocked to learn that tens, no, hundreds -- nay, thousands of Orthodox Jews are actually Messianic Jews. This is happening around the world. They are not ashamed to declare their faith as Messianic Jews. In fact, I am one of them.

        Now, I know that many people may be wondering, "hey Leo, you don't believe in Jesus! So how are you a Messianic Jew?" The answer is quite simple. You see, myself and all religous orthodox Jews believe in the coming of the Messiah. It is, in fact, one the 13 principle Jewish beliefs as listed by Maimonides, the medieval Jewish scholar. We anxiously anticipate the Messiah's arrival. We yearn for it. And, being as we are Jews -- in the full sense of the word, not 'grafted on' as some imposters would try and argue -- that makes us Messianic Jews!! After all, what is the term "Messianic Jew" made of? Jew (that one's easy), and Messianic, i.e. believes in the Messiah. Hey, I believe in the Messiah!! All religious orthodox Jews believe in the Messiah!! That makes all of us orthodox Jews Messianic Jews!!

        Now I know that many Jesus-Loving-Messianic-Jews may take offense to this, but they have no right to! We are %100 Messianic Jews. In fact, we take offense to them! For one, their ministries' have the practice of allowing non-Jews to join their ranks and marry into their families. These Messianic Imposters are ruining the TRUE MESSIANIC TRADITION!!!! And further, much much further, Messianic Judaism was never about Jesus! The entire notion of believing in Jesus was a total and complete perversion of TRUE MESSIANIC JUDAISM, and was introduced HUNDREDS OF YEARS LATER!!!!!!!!

          In addition to that, Jesus and the New Testament -- which these self proclaimed "messianic Jews" believe in -- have dozens of internal flaws and they categorically go against the very heart and foundation of true Judaism in any form. Why, I dare to proclaim in the streets, to shout out from rooftops, that whoever truly wishes to be a Messianic Jew should -- and will -- totally reject this disgusting, corrupting, and false idol, known as Jesus of Nazareth along with all his fictional works!

-Leo O.

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